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Optics Info: #28 Acrylic

Acrylic is highly hydrophilic and requires a long annealing cycle in order to insure that the material is stable enough for use in optical applications.

Our Solutions

LED lighting for precise application of all available photons.

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Molded and curved gorilla glass now possible for application in shaped display applications

Our Solutions: Diamond Turning

QCSS can create low volume lens proto types using a process similar to CNC routing shapes, called Diamond Turning

News and Events

Apple's investment in GT Advance for high volume sapphire cover glass will initially result only in sapphire cover glass for iPhone cameras and the home button

Optics Info: #6 Glass Molding

Glass molding is a process used to create aspheric lens elements. Careful design of aspheric elements can reduce both the size and weight of a desired optic assembly