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Our goal is to provide exceptional value while maintaining consistent, high quality. After working for years with international first tier OEM optical system providers, we have honed our process on three key factors to success: (1) Design Excellence, (2) Vendor Management, and (3) Premier Manufacturing Partners.

You can rely on QCSS Optics solutions to provide:

  • Design Excellence - An optical system cannot exceed the performance of the design spec. Therefore, it is critical to start with an excellent design that is both high performance, yet cost efficient to implement. QCSS Optics has excellent staff optics designers with years of optics design and design for manufacturing experience to produce high performance, yet cost efficient optics solutions.
  • Vendor Management - Because of our experience in the optics industry, QCSS Optics has deep understanding of the optics manufacturing process as well as the optics supply chain. In many cases QCSS Optics works directly with raw material suppliers for optical glass, coatings or other mechanical components. This ability to access the optics supply chain at the most direct point enables QCSS Optics to manufacture products with the lowest overhead and deliver a great value in quality optics.
  • Premier Manufacturing Partner - In addition to sourcing component materials from the most reliable vendors, QCSS Optics also has identified a number of key manufacturing partners for specific manufacturing applications. These manufacturing partners are selected on the basis of their experience and expertise. Each of our manufacturing partners has the highest levels of expertise in their field and is qualified to produce key optical components for international first tier OEM Systems vendors. QCSS Optics' products and its manufacturing partners' components are built into leading consumer and commercial products including high end DSLR cameras, multi mega pixel IP cameras and advanced biometric identification solutions.

If you have a need for sophisticated and advanced optics solutions, you can count on QCSS Optics for affordable quality
"QCSS optics expertise allowed us to focus on product design and building our business."
- Karl Boldt, Build Lux, Inc.-