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Case Studies

Sample applications of QCSS' design and manufacturing process

LED Light Distribution:

A US based military contractor was interested in reducing the total system weight of portable scanners in order to reach critical weight cut off requirements imposed for portability and total troop gear weight limitations..

  • The Problem - A portable military scanning application required a total system weight of 5 lbs or less in order to insure that troops could carry the scanner along with their standard equipment.  The original scanner design put the system weight over 6 lbs.  The scanner manufacturer knew that a large part of the weight of the unit was contained in the optical glass, and might be reduced by switching to optical acrylic, but the cost and quality of existing acrylic suppliers made the proposal extremely difficult.
  • The Solution - QCSS developed a specialized manufacturing process for optical grade acrylic, requiring multiple filtration steps to insure removal of particulate matter as well an extensive annealing process lasting over two weeks. This long annealing process was necessary in order to insure that the finished blocks of acrylic would remain optically stable after production.  Using this pure optical acrylic QCSS was able to manufacture acrylic prisms at less than half the weight of the original BK7 glass prisms and reduce total system weight by over 1 lb.  Using the advanced optical acrylic, the scanner manufacturer was able to reduce total system weight and fulfill a large order for the US military.
"QCSS is a trusted partner in supporting our optics requirements with quality components."
-Thomas McCarthy, Quadrep Technologies -