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Case Studies

Sample applications of QCSS' design and manufacturing process

Low Light Video Conferencing:

A video conferencing application required the implementation of a custom lens suitable with a wide viewing angle for use in poorly lit indoor environments, suitable for HD 1080p video..

  • The Problem - A major manufacturer of video conferencing equipment was developing the next generation video conferencing platform incorporating the latest HD video source.  In order to be effective, the video had to be usable in poorly lit conference rooms and have a wide viewing angle to allow all conference participants to be visible.
  • The Solution - Based on the target sensor specification and real world viewing constraints, QCSS’ team calculated necessary optical specifications and generated a raw optical design.

  • QCSS then prepared a mechanical design as well test equipment in preparation for volume production of finished lenses

"QCSS optics expertise allowed us to focus on product design and building our business."
- Karl Boldt, Build Lux, Inc.-