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Case Studies

Sample applications of QCSS' design and manufacturing process

LED Light Distribution:

Build-Lux develops advanced, energy efficient lighting for use in temporary construction spaces.  Lighting the build-space represents not only a logistical issue  in terms of power requirements, but also a financial cost due the the rising cost of power.  CFLs represent a poor solution due to the environmental cost of mercury contamination.  Build-Lux asked QCSS to design a custom optic to distribute light from their preferred LED source in the optimum pattern to maximize available light and minimize energy use.

  • The Problem - Even though LED lighting can be 10X more efficient than traditional incandescent lighting, the output of an LED is normally shaped in a narrow cone, not easily suitable for general lighting applications.  Build-Lux had a specific requirement to be socket replaceable with traditional incandescent bulbs in the construction build-space.  That meant that light output had to be optimized to distribute evenly across a grid by lighting 10' x 10' squares from the corners.  In order to be OSHA compliant the total light output on any part of the floor needed to be above 6 foot-candles.  Using traditional LED bulbs would result in narrow cone angles with very bright spots in the corners and dark spots in the middle of the square.  Build-Lux asked QCSS to design a custom optic that would take the LED light radiation pattern and spread it out evenly across a 10' X 10' space
  • The Solution - In order to determine the optimal configuration of LEDs bulbs across a construction floor, QCSS was able to modify its design tools to calculate not only the output of a single LED light bulb, but several light bulbs across a grid along with their interaction with each other.  Based on this  simulation, QCSS was able to calculate the precise optics required to generate an even distribution of light, thereby maximizing light output and minimizing energy costs.

The resulting lens was optimized both for optical performance and manufacturing cost.

"QCSS optics expertise allowed us to focus on product design and building our business."
- Karl Boldt, Build Lux, Inc.-