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Case Studies

Sample applications of QCSS' design and manufacturing process

Light Pipes Design and Manufacturing

Light pipes are trans missive media designed to channel light from an input source to an output point. Unlike lens optics, which are designed to focus directional light from a source onto a specific target, light pipes channel diffuse light into a channel or "pipe" to provide general illumination. Lens Optics work on the principal of refraction, whereas lightpipes function based on reflection.

In order to maximize the functionality of a lightpipe and minimize light loss as it passes throught the pipe, part geometry and material selection is extremely improtant .

While larger lightpipes made from fiberoptics or even injection molded plastic are common in modern electronics, QCSS had a customer who needed an extremely small lightpipe in order to build a very compact test and measurement device. The size of the device and the minimal light loss requested required extremely precise manufacturing techniques as well as extremely sophisticated production control in order to mass produce conforming pieces.

QCSS developed an advanced inspection process that used a 3D scanner to indvidually measure every dimension of a conforming light pipe with tolerances of 50 microns.

"QCSS is a trusted partner in supporting our optics requirements with quality components."
-Thomas McCarthy, Quadrep Technologies -