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QR International is a service-based company specializing in solving sourcing and manufacturing problems for companies in the United States.  We use our extensive contacts in Asia to bring the most cost effective solutions to our customers.

The founders of QR International have over 80 years of electronic component sales experience.  During that time, they have developed relationships with customers and manufacturers throughout the United States as well as Asia.  By leveraging these relationships, QR International is in a unique position to solve the most challenging material sourcing problems.

“Integrating Global Resources to Create Synergistic Businesses”

Founded in 1998, CID Group is one of the fastest growing Asia headquartered private equity firms.  CID aims to leverage a unique and systematic investment strategy in order to provide more value add to portfolio companies and deliver more consistent investment returns. 

“...We Improve Your Future”

Founded in 1970, QuadRep was established as a full service manufacturers' representative in northern California. Thirty years later, QuadRep now services the western United States, Singapore, Malaysia, China, and Taiwan. Today, QuadRep is recognized as a world class manufacturers' representative organization providing full service solutions to its customer base in the electronics industry.


QuadRep's philosophy of representing a limited number of synergistic electronics industry leaders (manufacturers) utilizing the efforts of the most competent sales and support personnel possible, has resulted in QuadRep becoming the largest electronic manufacturer's representative in the United States.


QuadRep's interests are rooted in the proposition of adding value. The dynamics of the growing electronics industry continues to provide opportunities for manufacturer advocacy and the provision of services. These services are global in nature, and support the expansion of QuadRep's business ventures throughout Latin America and Asia.

Individual Shareholders

QCSS is also comprised of global individual shareholders whose average experience in the Optics and Electronics Industry exceeds 30 years.

"QCSS is a trusted partner in supporting our optics requirements with quality components."
-Thomas McCarthy, Quadrep Technologies -