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Design and Manufacturing Services

Custom and Design and Manufacturing to Create Application-Specific Optics.

Lens Assembly

  • Considerations
Assembling lens components into full optical assemblies is not as simple as dropping lens elements into a containing lens barrel.  In order to insure proper optical performance, all of the lens elements must align properly.  In the case of aspherical elements elements must be oriented properly as well.  
  • Testing
A large part of the lens assembly process actually occurs in final testing. QCSS utilized sophisticated tools such as a Zygo and Tri-optics to measure final centration, alignment and total optical performance before releasing parts from production.  
  • Precision Lens Barrel  
  • Projector Lens

Product Assembly

  • Consideration
    QCSS has the capability to provide turnkey assembly of finished products. Integrated Opto-electronic assemblies are part of our core competence.  
  • Sample Projects
    - Vehicle Drive Recording System
    - Projectors
    - Endoscope/Boroscope 

"QCSS optics expertise allowed us to focus on product design and building our business."
- Karl Boldt, Build Lux, Inc.-