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Our Solutions and Process

Full service design and manufacturing capabilities for custom needs.

Design Specifications
Optical Design
Mechanical Design
Custom Lens

You can rely on QCSS Optics solutions to provide:

  • Design Specification
    Our experienced team can help clarify optical specs based on application parameters. We can design a lens assembly to meet a specific sensor spec, or even help select an optimal sensor based on design goals.

  • Optical Design
    Using the optical performance spec, QCSS Optics can provide raw optical designs that are ready for manufacturing.

  • Mechanical Design for Manufacturing
    QCSS Optics may adjust the final design further prior to manufacturing. Design for Manufacturing tunes an existing design to adapt component size and thickness to fit within common manufacturing parameters. Design for Manufacturing enables significant cost savings in volume production by optimizing each individual system component to fit within standard manufacturing processes rather than costly custom processes.

  • Custom Lens
    The result is a high performance, cost efficient optical lens.  

"QCSS optics expertise allowed us to focus on product design and building our business."
- Karl Boldt, Build Lux, Inc.-