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Design and Manufacturing Services

Custom and Design and Manufacturing to Create Application-Specific Optics.

Plastic Injection Molding
  • Process
    High Volume plastic parts are usually created using standard injection molding techniques.  In order to insure fit and function, however, optical components are formed with much stricter dimensional tolerances. 
  • Considerations
    - Material: Plastic Only.  
    - Medium to High Volume (1,000,000's).
    - High upfront tooling cost

Metal CNC
  • Process
    Lens barrel housings are usually formed using CNC machining. Metal is the preferred medium for housing optical components because metal is more resistant to environmental variables such as temperature and mechanical shock. 
  • Considerations
    Material: aluminum, copper
    - Low to Medium Volume (100,000's).
    - Low upfront tooling cost

"QCSS is a trusted partner in supporting our optics requirements with quality components."
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